Comeback by Todd Burnham

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Todd Burnham, a Colorado-based trial lawyer and mindset coach, has dedicated decades to the study of how adversity and trauma drive great leaders toward even greater victories in business, relationships, and life. In his latest book, COMEBACK: Epic Rebound Strategies for Business or Personal Adversity, Sutton Hart Press, Todd assembles his breakthrough findings and unique insight into six easy-to-execute tactics that have helped countless individuals rebound from adversity and trauma more powerful than before.

As founding partner of Burnham Law, a six-figure entrepreneur, professor, former All-American lacrosse player, and host of the podcast, Deep Bench with Todd Burnham, Todd’s no-BS approach and game-changing motivation style revolutionize our concept of trauma. The author promotes dialogue around the value of life’s setbacks and exposes outdated cliches of positive thinking, disrupting cultural norms and transforming lives.


Epic Rebound Strategies for Business or Personal Adversity

COMEBACK is a life-altering playbook that reprograms our approach to life’s obstacles.
Author Burnham delivers clear-cut, step-by-step strategies on leveraging challenges
and setbacks as fuel to drive success.

Transforming Trauma Into Triumph:
  • Embracing Distraction
  • Embracing Desperation
  • Shifting Mental Paradigm
  • Elevating Creativity
  • Harnessing Immersion

Whether you’re facing a debilitating divorce, career collapse, death of a loved one, life-altering illness,
or just want to prep for whatever life throws at you, Burnham’s cutting-edge analysis and pivotal insight will cast
your situation in a valuable, meaningful, and profitable new light.

Filled with firsthand accounts and gripping true stories from award-winning business leaders, artists, athletes,
and scientists worldwide, COMEBACK is sure to inspire you to get your life together, get in the game, and soar.


“Comeback champions anyone who has ever found themselves at their version of rock bottom. It gives advice on getting your mind right, acting, celebrating progress and never looking back.”

Phil McCarthy
North Star Leadership & Team Performance
Professor, Entrepreneurship, University of Denver

“An absolute must-read for the American businessman and businesswoman. This is a compassionate story of business savvy, grit, comebacks and overcoming obstacles all the while Comeback remains a brilliant homage to Mr. Burnham’s family and the great women who molded him. I highly recommend this for anyone with the guts who wants to go out on their own and live the American dream of starting a business.”

Michael Melito
Civil & Criminal Racketeering Attorney


“Staring at a gouge in the ceiling of his prison cell, Marco is tossing around methods for ending his life. He’d graduated Harvard Law, become a high-profile international financial consultant. By age 41, he’d traveled the Far East, married, had two kids, bought a multimillion-dollar Los Altos mansion, owned some Picassos, wrote a book, even summited Mount Everest. Ten years later, he’s serving hard time for arson and insurance fraud. To him, it’s over.

In the next cell over, 48-year-old Ryan is toweling off after his second HIIT session. He flips through the draft of his novel-in-progress, scribbles a note, chuckles at his clever idea. The Denver Law grad and former Colorado state court judge unfolds a neon inmate shirt, in awe of how quickly he’s transformed his physique.

These guys screwed up. They worked their entire lives to build what they had – loving families, wealth, career success. And, true to form, mistakes charged in and reduced it all to ruins.

History is full of these stories, of great successes becoming even greater or totally derailed after a traumatic experience – whether it be a fatal business decision, a debilitating medical diagnosis, domestic abuse, a difficult divorce, the loss of a loved one. Some can’t see a way out and spiral downward. Others seek a way out and find it, even using the traumatic experience itself as a launching pad.

Spending was Marco’s fatal flaw. Millions of dollars in debt, he was busted for setting up an illegal lottery. He lost his license to practice, started drinking heavily, decided his best bet was to burn his mansion down for the insurance money.

Ryan’s downfall was geniality. At the highest point in his career, he casually mentions a warrant he’s working on to a friend. The friend tells a friend, who tells a friend that happens to be listed in the warrant. Ryan is disbarred and arrested for obstructing a federal investigation.

Whether we like it or not, adversity and trauma are integral to the human experience. We all make bad decisions. We all fall into bad luck. We all suffer loss. And every one of us lies somewhere in the spectrum of two extremes in the way that we react. Some choose to lie down and forfeit. Others take the loss, buckle down into brand new plans, and shift direction toward a new and greater horizon.

So why does one person sway one way, toward hopelessness and despair, while the other sways the opposite direction, toward new focus, power, and greatness?

As a divorce lawyer, I’ve worked with thousands of people who are right smack in the midst of adversity or trauma, often the worst they’ve faced in their lives. And after more than a decade of working closely with this vast pool of people, each for months to years at a time, I stumbled upon a pattern. Across the board, those who pulled out of adversity to become better than they were before had six traits in common.

Not only did the Six Steps help transform our client’s lives, they helped transform the way I deal with the loss of loved ones, the way I handle addiction, the way I approach relationships, the way I parent, and the way our firm practices law.

The tools in this book cannot be attributed to me, but to the thousands of people I’ve met throughout my professional journey that either gave up or made lemonade. Together, they taught me these valuable Six Steps. I’ve just listed them out.”

— End Excerpt —