Katy Burnham

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Todd's amazing wife Katy talks about the early years of Burnham Law and how they were able to survive the early struggles in order to enjoy what they have today. She also talks about how they thrive as a family and what makes Todd tick.

episode transcribed

Todd Burnham 0:00
Hi, this is Todd Burnham. I am a licensed practicing attorney. But just because you're listening to me doesn't mean that I represent you. This is for informational purposes only if you're good with that, then let's roll.

Chris Braden 0:20
Season One was about how Todd Burnham started Burnham Law in his basement and built it to one of the most prestigious law firms in Colorado by thinking outside of the box and surrounding himself with the best lawyers and staff in the industry. Now during a pandemic Burnham Law is still growing. How you ask? You walk toward the storm and face it head on and you empower the people that help get you there. It's time to execute. It's time to make some lemonade. It's time to burn the ships. This is Deep Bench with Todd Burnham. Welcome to Deep Bench with Todd Burnham yet Todd Burnham is not here today. I'm Chris Braden. And, man, this is an upgrade from Todd. I gotta be honest with you. We've got the one that runs this ship, his lovely wife, Katy Burnham. How you doing, Katy?

Katy Burnham 1:13
Oh, I'm doing well, Chris. Thanks.

Chris Braden 1:15
So it's funny, because I've met you in passing at the Christmas parties. And then maybe a couple weeks ago, you were here. But you and I literally just had a conversation for like, 15 minutes.

Katy Burnham 1:25

Chris Braden 1:26
And it's funny. You're so engaging and so fun. And I can just see why. You're the Todd tamer, where as I called Sarah, the Todd Wrangler.

Katy Burnham 1:37
That's right. That's right.

Chris Braden 1:38
I want to dig in. So the first season of deep bench I. Todd talked about how you know when it's the one.

Katy Burnham 1:46

Chris Braden 1:46
And he knew you were the one.

Katy Burnham 1:48

Chris Braden 1:48
He comes back to Colorado.

Katy Burnham 1:51
And well, after I reached out to him, yeah.

Chris Braden 1:55
Yeah. So kind of telling me that process. Todd comes back here. Yeah, he's starting the law firm. You guys are in a relationship. It comes back here. Like, how stressful was that time? Like kind of what was that kind of time like with with Todd?

Katy Burnham 2:09
Oh, God, um, well, that it was the way I remember it now. Probably. It was awesome. And it was crazy. Right? We he comes back. He's going back and forth between Colorado and New York, because he still has clients there. He's trying to start something here. I mean, I don't know how far back we're going. We're in new family. We're starting to it's it's chaos.

Chris Braden 2:40
Everything is like in flux.

Katy Burnham 2:42
Yeah, yeah. But it's also you know, it was a really exciting time, because we're together, we're starting this new journey. So it was it was both of those things. It was crazy. And it was awesome.

Chris Braden 2:55
You know, he talks a lot about

Katy Burnham 2:56
For me, anyways.

Chris Braden 2:58
Well it was awesome for him too, because I mean, if you listen to all of the almost 40 podcasts we do, yeah. It comes up in almost all of them.

Katy Burnham 3:06

Chris Braden 3:07
Yeah, I mean, I could have checklist.

Katy Burnham 3:09
That's sweet.

Chris Braden 3:10
But so he's starting this new thing here in Colorado, and we, you know, he and I dove into the marketing thing where he was doing like bankruptcies early on.

Katy Burnham 3:19

Chris Braden 3:20
Then going into

Katy Burnham 3:21
We fix problems.

Chris Braden 3:23
Yeah, exactly. So did you write that? Or did he

Katy Burnham 3:26
No he came up with that. No, that was great. And I actually, I think that ran in like the local Erie papers or something. Yeah. And I still have it.

Chris Braden 3:35
Oh, do you really?

Katy Burnham 3:36
Oh, yeah. I mean, I hold on to things like that. Yeah. Cuz I think they're

Chris Braden 3:39
sentimental too

Katy Burnham 3:40
Oh, for sure. And, yeah, it was a picture of him, you know, and it was a big headline or went across the paper, we fix problems. And it was awesome.

Chris Braden 3:48
So from that beginning to where you are today was like a long journey is long nights, long hours, and kind of talk to me about some of those times where he was spending so much time working, burning the candles at both ends. And he always said that, you're the anchor, you're the heart of the household. Was that easy for you? Because you knew that he was putting the energy in were like today, I mean, things are amazing. Burnham Law is actually a really successful thing.

Katy Burnham 4:20
Yeah, it really is.

Chris Braden 4:21
I can't imagine how proud you are.

Katy Burnham 4:23
Yeah. Oh, it's amazing. I'm, I'm so proud of, and I'm really in awe of where it was at that time and how he's built it up to to what it is right now. And and you know, there are so many other people that are involved

Chris Braden 4:38

Katy Burnham 4:39
in that, but it was we talk about you know, it's it's his vision and and his intention of what he wanted it to become. And you get so he's working on that for for all these years and yeah, totally burning the end of both, both burning the candle at both ends or whatever, right because he's trying to be Superman. engage when he's at home. He but he but he's also, as you know, he thinks about this stuff constantly.

Chris Braden 5:07

Katy Burnham 5:08

Chris Braden 5:08
I've gotten emails from him from at like one in the morning.

Katy Burnham 5:11
That, and oh, sure, yeah, he probably says that in every podcast, like he's constantly thinking about this stuff. If the thought doesn't go through his head on a daily basis of, Hey, how can I make this better? How can I improve this? Where can we tweak things? I'd be surprised. So So anyways, so that so in the very beginning, there's that's times 100.

Chris Braden 5:35

Katy Burnham 5:35
Right, because he doesn't have all of these things in place, and he doesn't have all of these amazing people helping him out, doing the things that he used to be doing all on his own.

Chris Braden 5:45
Exactly. So now he's got people like Stephanie Randall and Aaron and I mean, the, the

Katy Burnham 5:52
everybody Donna, Jessica, you know, I mean, it on and on everybody that works at the firm, and gel, the CPA, you know, it's, they're all doing their part, right. So, you know, when people start businesses they're doing, they're, they have so many hats, they're doing all these things

Chris Braden 6:09

Katy Burnham 6:10
on their own. So he was doing all that, right, plus trying to be present for us.

Chris Braden 6:16
And that's hard, especially when you're like trying to grow something. And he always has all these crazy ideas that are kind of outside of the box.

Katy Burnham 6:25

Chris Braden 6:25
When he brings you these ideas, when it's not a great idea idea, like, how do you tell them just straight up? Because like, I know, my wife would be like, No, don't do that.

Katy Burnham 6:35

Chris Braden 6:36
Yeah. That's kind of what it would be.

Katy Burnham 6:37
Yeah. I mean, I really, I mean, I take a moment. Yeah, I'll tell them exactly how I feel, of course, but I really believe in him. Right. And so if he has an idea that I think is totally off the wall and be like, eh, I don't know about that. Like, you know, what about this angle or something like that, but that's how I handle it. But you know, I really, really believe in

Chris Braden 6:58
You're like, so supportive.

Katy Burnham 6:59
Yeah, I try to be.

Chris Braden 7:02
That's, that's really cool. So you ended up in Colorado, Todd's here, Burnham Law's a thing? We've talked about so many different things. But

Katy Burnham 7:10

Chris Braden 7:11
Were you an athlete? Does the the sports thing resonate with you?

Katy Burnham 7:15

Chris Braden 7:16
Are you a fan of sports?

Katy Burnham 7:18
Yes and yes. Okay. So I have always really, I've been more into individual sports.

Chris Braden 7:24
Okay. Like tennis and stuff?

Katy Burnham 7:26
No, like mountain biking, snowboarding, like, you know, all those types of Colorado things.

Chris Braden 7:31
Sure, yes. I'm with you on that.

Katy Burnham 7:33

Chris Braden 7:33
Not snowboarding, I ski.

Katy Burnham 7:35
Well, I skied. I grew up skiing, and then transitioned to snowboarding.

Chris Braden 7:39
Snowboarding's so like, it's, it's so different than skiing.

Katy Burnham 7:42
It is.

Chris Braden 7:43
Don't lean back on your skis. But lean back on the snowboard.

Katy Burnham 7:46
Exactly. Right.

Chris Braden 7:47
Plus the boots are way more comfortable on so forth.

Katy Burnham 7:49
So much more comfortable. But skiing has really come up there.

Chris Braden 7:53

Katy Burnham 7:53
Also, like it's totally changed in the last decade or more. So yeah, I get the sport thing. And but Todd, once, I think I had football on on Sundays, just to sort of have it on in the background, because that's what I grew up with. It was just always on in the background. But when he came in the picture, it definitely got a little bit more exciting for me because we go to the games and you know, be a part of the crowd. And so it changed.

Chris Braden 8:19
So like, what was your favorite football team when you were young?

Katy Burnham 8:22
Oh, my God. The Vikings.

Chris Braden 8:24
Oh, the Vikings.

Katy Burnham 8:25
Yeah I grew up in Minnesota.

Chris Braden 8:26
Did you really?

Katy Burnham 8:27
By default. I mean, you know, I'm sure your

Chris Braden 8:29
Paying for your cousin's a lot of money. You know,

Katy Burnham 8:30
I have? Yeah. I have no idea what they were doing at that time. But it was just fun to watch.

Chris Braden 8:37
You know, it's funny, too. And so like, even on the sports theme, a lot of the relationship with Todd and your daughters, because they play a lot of lacrosse.

Katy Burnham 8:47

Chris Braden 8:48
Has come out. And that resonates with me, because both my daughters did that. They were soccer players ended up playing in college. And the only thing that I ever really kind of got on him was just the effort. If I'm getting up at six in the morning to drive you to Fort Collins, for a game. Do we want to be here?

Katy Burnham 9:10

Chris Braden 9:10
And it's funny. He talks about that all the time. How have you seen that relationship with Todd from like coaching 'em? Getting 'em into it. And now where he says he just likes to watch.

Katy Burnham 9:22
Yeah, yeah, he. Yeah, he does. But he also still likes to really coach too, but it's from but it's not from like being their coach. So he's sort of

Chris Braden 9:32
It's from being a dad.

Katy Burnham 9:32
Yeah, he's transitioning, right? Like, he wants to instill all of these really cool qualities into them that are important to him and good for them, like putting in the effort and trying really hard and if you're not, if you're not on the bounce back then somebody else is and do you want to be on the bounce back because they both are. I'm sure he has said like they're both really good athletes. Yeah, they're super competitive and Clara also rides horses. And so, you know, and that, that, that plays well when she's out there on the lacrosse field too, because she's like this little person playing against like these pretty big girls.

Chris Braden 10:11

Katy Burnham 10:12
So he the transition is is is new and I think it's really good because he can, he can sit there he can still encourage them, but from like the dad perspective where it's not he's coming down hard as a coach, which can get challenging

Chris Braden 10:12
Well I think for me when my daughter started playing soccer. I would say I was bummed. I just knew nothing about soccer. I played everything else. And I had no clue what soccer was.

Katy Burnham 10:38

Chris Braden 10:38
And my older daughter Taylor was like, hey, my buddy, Sarah is playing soccer. I want to play soccer. I'm like, Yeah, let's do this. And I think it was really a godsend that I didn't know a lot. Now I know a ton about athletes. I know a ton about technique. I knew absolutely nothing about soccer. Yeah. Which I think helped them because they could see the game through my lens. In fact, one time, their coach, they hired this new coach. He was from like, the East Coast. He hadn't gotten here in time. They're like, Chris, we coach these new girls on a tournament like, yeah, man, I'm game.

Katy Burnham 11:14
No way.

Chris Braden 11:14
So I literally just look at them as like, athletes and kids. Yeah. And so we ended up winning three games in a row.

Katy Burnham 11:23

Chris Braden 11:23
And they were having a blast. I was like, Oh, that girl's slow. Let's put this person on them. I was just matching it up in the way I knew how.

Katy Burnham 11:31

Chris Braden 11:31
Well the new coach comes. They played a team that we already smoked. And they lost because he wanted to do it his way.

Katy Burnham 11:39

Chris Braden 11:40
So they lost two more games in a row.

Katy Burnham 11:43
Oh my god.

Chris Braden 11:43
I'm patting myself on the back.

Katy Burnham 11:44
And their like Get Chris back!

Chris Braden 11:45
Yeah, but it was just from me knowing nothing.

Katy Burnham 11:47

Chris Braden 11:48
Like I didn't know what for what do you guys want? What do you guys normally play?

Katy Burnham 11:50
Like fun.

Chris Braden 11:51
Four four two? All right, cool. Let's put the fast people up front.

Katy Burnham 11:54

Chris Braden 11:55
You guys be tough ones in the back. And I think really, you know, just talking to Todd and going through all this stuff. There's like, so much that he can add by not being a coach, because he's literally their coach.

Katy Burnham 12:08

Chris Braden 12:08
And he can be the fun one.

Katy Burnham 12:09
Oh yeah, for sure.

Chris Braden 12:10
My daughters would get all this technical stuff from their coaches. And then after practice, I'll be like, Hey, you want to shoot on me? Let's be dummies out here. Let's just have some fun.

Katy Burnham 12:18

Chris Braden 12:18
And we could do that. And that's where they, you know, ended up being like, more creative, just enjoying it more, because it was like outside of the box thinking and I think that's pretty cool for him.

Katy Burnham 12:29
Oh, yeah. Yeah, I think so too. I mean, he loves you know, he'll just go out there a lot of the time and just get on the bounce back by himself.

Chris Braden 12:37

Katy Burnham 12:38
Oh, yeah. And so then like someone Clara, Mae or Archer even, we'll see him out there. And, you know, they'll just go out because they want to hang out with dad. Yeah. And then it'll just it'll be a learning experience in and of itself. Just, they'll get like, a couple 100 reps in just by going out and hanging out.

Chris Braden 12:53
Just having fun. Standing out there shooting hoops. And I'm not much of a basketball player.

Katy Burnham 12:58
Oh, God, they do that all the time, too. Yeah.

Chris Braden 13:01
It's just hang out time.

Katy Burnham 13:02
Yeah, totally.

Chris Braden 13:03
He talks about, you know, driving the kids to school, and he talks about how you're such the calming influence around the house. And when he's like, he'll he'll start getting agitated. And like, when they're late or something

Katy Burnham 13:17

Chris Braden 13:18
Yeah. And, and you just always are able to come in and just soften everything up.

Katy Burnham 13:24
Yeah, but you know, I mean, it actually works well together, right? Because like, if it were just me, I'd be like, Oh, okay. We're running a little bit late today. Like, let's just be 15 minutes late for school because why stress anybody out.

Chris Braden 13:41

Katy Burnham 13:41
Whereas he's like, okay, okay, Katy's adding some nice calmness to the situation. But let's still try to get out the door and get the kids to school on time.

Chris Braden 13:50
It's a good partnership.

Katy Burnham 13:51
Oh, for sure. Yeah. So you know that?

Chris Braden 13:54
Is there ever times where you both just like or like, over it

Katy Burnham 13:57
Over which part?

Chris Braden 13:59
Any of it. This whole thing is so like, everybody goes through that?

Katy Burnham 14:04
Oh, yeah.

Chris Braden 14:05
Everybody. Like one of my things. I hate being late. Like I literally my dad always taught me that when I was little. You know what you're telling them that your time is more valuable than their time and it's disrespectful and all that. And like, you know, also being in radio like everything you time clock clock clock.

Katy Burnham 14:22
Yeah, gotta be punctual.

Chris Braden 14:23
And being on time is like big to me. But my for my daughters back in the day was like,

Katy Burnham 14:28
not their deal. Yeah, well, they're kids. Right?

Chris Braden 14:32
That's right.

Katy Burnham 14:33
So no, that's yeah, it's yeah, it's like the siesta. I mean, that's but that's what's great about Todd because he brings some, like, some some kind of like deadline to the to the family situation. And but he's also he's easygoing enough not to be the drill sergeant.

Chris Braden 14:49
Right. Like, do you see a difference? Because in these podcasts, we've interviewed all of them, and they talk about the old Todd, and the new Todd.

Katy Burnham 14:58

Chris Braden 14:58
And I didn't know him back then. But I can see just the evolution. And has it been that way at home too? Or is it?

Katy Burnham 15:07

Chris Braden 15:07
Because like, really, I, I think my wife would say I evolved, but really, it's a kind of the same guy.

Katy Burnham 15:15

Chris Braden 15:15
Maybe she brought out like some better stuff in me that I didn't know I had.

Katy Burnham 15:20
Yeah, no, I there's definitely been an evolution for him. And, and, you know, I think that like when he can when he's gotten to this place where he can, and he's worked at it really hard to sort of, to all of this growth and to be able to sort of step back and just be to calmly look at a situation whereas back then it was like, you know, just little bit more frantic, just a little bit more hectic, like I got to make this work. And you know, now there's just some, there's some insight and experience for sure, which helps. But there's also this sort of like, hey, I can take a few minutes and really focus on this. So there, there has been a ton of growth. And that I think it's in the workplace. And I think it's at home. I think it's just overall,.

Chris Braden 16:06
Like, but as we grow older, we mature and hopefully we learn from our mistakes.

Katy Burnham 16:10
Hopefully, right?

Chris Braden 16:11
Not all the time.

Katy Burnham 16:12
Yeah, and not everybody does. But if you but if you're aware of it, and you're focused on it, and you try, that makes all the difference.

Chris Braden 16:20

Katy Burnham 16:21
I think so I think he's been doing all of those things. And I think that's why that makes, I think that's why he's a lot easier to work with anyways.

Chris Braden 16:29
I think it's funny. I want to address this. So when I talked to Stephanie at least, she said, usually when Todd goes in on something all in are like very adamant about something he's usually right. And

Katy Burnham 16:42

Chris Braden 16:43
we talked about this on the podcast. I mean, I was at Disney World, right? When COVID was starting in February, you were there. I was there. Yeah. And like, then, like, I really wasn't afraid, you know, but it was talking about it. It was a big thing. Yeah, get back. And Todd's already putting in plans of how they're going to do it. They're setting things up, like really ahead of the game at least a couple of weeks.

Katy Burnham 17:05

Chris Braden 17:05
Ahead of the game. Was there a discussion of like when things are happening like that at the office? Is there discussions at home about that kind of stuff?

Katy Burnham 17:14
Oh, yeah. Yeah, for sure. I remember. I don't it must have been March. You know, we were driving back from the mountains one day. And I'm talking to Stephanie, because right before that, we were talking about all this news coming over and about the things that were happening in China mostly, and and he was like, this is common, this is going to be a big deal. Like we need to figure this out. So he gets on a conference call with Stephanie and and we're, we're talking about like, what's going to happen and how he can implement some you know, what's gonna what, how's it gonna affect the firm? And

Chris Braden 17:53

Katy Burnham 17:54
And so he was on it. Yeah. Several weeks before. It was kind of a thing.

Chris Braden 17:58
Do did you think it was gonna? What were you with them where you thought this was gonna be a giant deal?

Katy Burnham 18:04
Yeah, I actually did. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I, I because I I don't know. I think I was like, reading about it, you know, in January, when it just wasn't a huge story.

Chris Braden 18:16
But and then there were YouTube videos going around about what's going on in China. And you'd get I saw a few and like.

Katy Burnham 18:21
I don't know, I like, I know, I don't, I never saw anything on YouTube. But we had a travel I traveled somewhere with Claire in January. And I was a little bit both California. I think there was like one case in Oregon or something like that. And I was a little bit nervous about it. And like Clara wore a mask on the plane.

Chris Braden 18:37
Oh, really?

Katy Burnham 18:38
Oh, yeah.

Chris Braden 18:38
Oh, wow.

Katy Burnham 18:39
In Jan yeah.

Chris Braden 18:40
So maybe I'm just not that bright. Because like,

No I think you are because like when I came back from Florida, I was like, I'm one of those people. So like, I wear a mask and all that stuff. I want to be a good citizen. But I don't live my life in like a fear standpoint.

Katy Burnham 18:52
Yeah, totally.

Chris Braden 18:53
But I want to be respectful of all those around me.

Katy Burnham 18:57

Chris Braden 18:58
It was weird how things went. Everyone was getting afraid. And then it started making me be different than who I am like, oh, man,

Katy Burnham 19:06
Should I scared?

Chris Braden 19:06
How much toilet paper do I need?Like honey, hey, do you have of those lysols like, like, at that point? I was like, Yeah, didn't know what to do. Yeah. And I think having him be so prepared for the firm, I think that might have helped everybody.

Katy Burnham 19:21
Well. And not only that, you know, I mean, they had put some, a lot of things in place that just happened to be in place that had nothing to do with a pandemic coming. That

Chris Braden 19:33
Like working from home and stuff like that.

Katy Burnham 19:35
Like working remotely, having all of that technical stuff already set. And that was just him, you know, wanting to just be ahead of the game and be as current as possible, and it worked out.

Chris Braden 19:47
So there's an evolutionist last thing. This has gone longer, man, I'm sorry, I thought we'd only be like 15 minutes but you're so fun to talk to.

Katy Burnham 19:54
Oh thanks.

Chris Braden 19:55
So there's been this evolution, and like during the pandemic, Todd's He sent out an email about like, stepping back. And I remember getting the I was like, Oh, that's cool. And it's funny because I don't work for the firm. But they included me in the email. And I was like, hmm, I wonder how they're thinking about this. And I read it. And it just seemed so like, so natural. Like it was just a natural progression. Like, you know what? I love you guys. I have faith in you. Yeah, we're killing it. Here. We have the team in place. Yeah, you don't need me the way it read was like, it was very empowering. I felt like if you worked for the firm, now, he's gonna do that. He's stepping back a little bit more. You guys are going to Hawaii for a few months. I mean, are you excited about this trip? Like, I've been to Kauai, I told him, I'm like, I'm so jealous. I was there for 10 days, my wife won employee of the year and we stayed

Katy Burnham 20:53

Chris Braden 20:53
in Princeville for 10 days. And I was like, everywhere on that island. Like it was like Disneyland for me.

Katy Burnham 20:58

Chris Braden 20:59
It was beautiful. So like, what are you looking forward to the like being in Kauai and having just the time together as a family kind of a new atmosphere? Like what are you looking forward to most

Katy Burnham 21:10
I mean, really just spending time with, with Todd and the kids. I mean that's

Chris Braden 21:14
And the coffee's good.

Katy Burnham 21:16
Oh my God. I love coffee.

Chris Braden 21:17
It's so good, right?

Katy Burnham 21:18
Yeah. It's so good. And it's rainy season.

Chris Braden 21:22

Katy Burnham 21:22
I happen to love the rain. And it seems, I mean, first of all, we're, we're just, I'm really grateful that we get to do this like, and this is all Todd. It's a great opportunity. This was all Todd's idea. Like, let's, let's get it let's get out of dodge. Let's go to Kauai for three months when this is all going to go down, you know, in the winter, with the pandemic or people being nervous about it or whatever. And so I was on board like, okay, yes, of course. I'd love to go

Chris Braden 21:51
Like, heck yeah.

Katy Burnham 21:52
I'd love to sit on the beach for three months. But I also love to snowboard. Right. So I'm going to miss the winter here. But I am looking forward to the coffee. I'm looking forward to rain I, the beach, you know, Todd and the kids are going to start surfing like they're so psyched about it.

Chris Braden 22:07
The hikes up there are amazing too with the waterfall I mean, dude. I miss in fact, if I wasn't married, I would have stayed.

Katy Burnham 22:14
That's what I heard you say.

Chris Braden 22:16
It's so true. It's so true.

Katy Burnham 22:18
Yeah. And a lot of people have done that. Right?

Chris Braden 22:20
Yeah, a lot of people that I've met. I would have been one of them too.

Katy Burnham 22:24
Like, I don't know how you're going to get me to come back here in March. So

Chris Braden 22:28
It's so true. I mean, it's just, I have a friend that moved there from San Diego, and he does this. It's a canoe but it's got that little outboard arm thing. And he sends these pictures on Facebook every day. And he's out there just paddling in the ocean every day it's so cool.

Katy Burnham 22:44

Chris Braden 22:45
So fun. It's like us. But like to be honest with you. I love skiing in my bio says, I love to ski but I hate being cold.

Katy Burnham 22:52
Yes, yes, exactly. Yeah.

Chris Braden 22:55
I don't like being cold no more.

Katy Burnham 22:56
That's it.

Chris Braden 22:57
At all.

Katy Burnham 22:57
I don't either.

Chris Braden 22:58
So how are you going to keep it? Because Todd said he's gonna step back. Obviously, you'll keep his eyes on everything

Katy Burnham 23:04
For sure.

Chris Braden 23:04
going on? Because there's no way he wouldn't do that.

Katy Burnham 23:07

Chris Braden 23:07
It's funny, because everyone knows that.

Katy Burnham 23:09
Well. I mean, he likes to be engaged with everyone at the firm.

Chris Braden 23:12
Well he kinda has to be.

Katy Burnham 23:13
Well, he has to be and he likes it

Chris Braden 23:15
For his own brain for

Katy Burnham 23:17
Yeah. Yeah, but he also I mean, but he really like I mean he loves everybody there. You know, like, he loves having the powwows with Stephanie. And like talking about the firm. This is this is this baby. Right that he's

Chris Braden 23:31
And they would miss him every bit as much as he would miss them.

Katy Burnham 23:36
Right. And so, so yeah, I'm sure he's, he's he's still gonna be engaged with them. But he'll he'll have to step back. Right? Not for the just because the time difference alone.

Chris Braden 23:48
Well, I think really like the few months will give you what you what you want in a work life balance where he he can figure out where he needs to be. Now he doesn't really know. Yeah, but like, once he's in there, kind of just keeping up with everything and be like, Alright, I'm come back. And if I want to insert myself here, this is a perfect place to be.

Katy Burnham 24:10
Yeah, we'll see.

Chris Braden 24:11
You know what I mean? Yeah. So the last thing I wanted to talk to you about, you know, Todd, we've talked about Todd getting fit. How many years ago was that? When he finally started going nuts and got really fit.

Katy Burnham 24:22
Oh, my God. How many years ago? I mean, he's been really serious about it. I mean, five years.

Chris Braden 24:29
Okay. So kind of a long time. Yeah. Yeah. So I know, I know. He kind of went vegan,

Katy Burnham 24:33
Almost almost vegan. Most vegan. Yeah. Well, I mean

Chris Braden 24:37
We got fish in there or something?

Katy Burnham 24:39
We've got butter. And we've got eggs. Okay. And that's the almost part. So do you eat that way too? No. I mean, I'm vegan, but I don't do the butter and the eggs.

Chris Braden 24:50
So I'm diabetic, so I hardly eat any carbs. Yeah. And it's funny. They're, they're like you should try going vegan because I have other stuff going on. And I was like, I don't know, man. I don't eat carbs, what am I gonna eat?

Katy Burnham 25:01
Like hell no.

Chris Braden 25:02
Like, what am I gonna do?

Katy Burnham 25:03
Yeah, it's, it's hard. And I think you really, I mean, I tried eating vegan maybe about four years ago now. And I, I just I really missed eating chicken. Like, I would see chicken and I'd be like, I want to eat that chicken. And so it's

Chris Braden 25:20
I want to eat that chicken. Chick-fil-A is calling my name.

Katy Burnham 25:24
Exactly. And so I did right because it's just listening to your body and now I it's not. I don't have that urge anymore, right? No, not at all. I really

Chris Braden 25:35
Like I like steaks.

Katy Burnham 25:36
Yeah, I used to

Chris Braden 25:38
See it's funny. So my cardiologist told me to go vegan.

Katy Burnham 25:41

Chris Braden 25:42
So I did it for two weeks.

Katy Burnham 25:43
Oh, congratulations.

Chris Braden 25:45
It was my nightmare. It was my nightmare.

I felt horrible. I really felt like someone shot me in my face. I had no energy. Like, it was like, super hard. And he's like, just stick with it.

Katy Burnham 25:56
It's a transition.

Chris Braden 25:57
I'm like, why?

Katy Burnham 25:59
You're like, this sucks.

Chris Braden 26:04
I don't know, man. This is like really hard.

Katy Burnham 26:06

Chris Braden 26:06
It's pretty cool. But just like, you lighten them up just in the same way that my my wife lightens me up. And it's funny because after I do these podcasts with him, I go home and I always tell my wife something. Or I bring her flowers. Oh, like it was funny. She went and and I just sent her a text the other day and I I don't really text. We'll text information like normal parents. Yeah, yeah, go. I just texted I was like, Hey, I just want you to know how much I appreciate you.

Katy Burnham 26:08
Oh my gosh, that's so cool.

Chris Braden 26:24
And I sent it to her nine. And I didn't realize like how far that would go.

Katy Burnham 26:41
Oh, yeah!

Chris Braden 26:43
Why haven't I been doing that all the time for years? But it just pops in my brain.

Katy Burnham 26:47

Chris Braden 26:48
It's like, you know,

Katy Burnham 26:49
Good for you.

Chris Braden 26:50
maybe I don't read the room very good. I don't know. She should tell me when I need to text and what to do.

Katy Burnham 26:54
Oh, God.

Chris Braden 26:55
And then I'd get it right. But you know, it's so exciting to get finally get you on and

Katy Burnham 27:00

Chris Braden 27:01
Thanks for spending what is 30 minutes now with me.

Katy Burnham 27:03
Thanks so... wow. 30 minutes?

Chris Braden 27:05

Katy Burnham 27:06
That went by fast!

Chris Braden 27:07
It did.

Katy Burnham 27:07
Yeah. Well, Chris, thanks so much. I know Todd loves doing these podcasts with you.

Chris Braden 27:11
Ah man I love Todd too. So thank you very much, and we'll talk soon. I don't know if I'll see you before then. But Aloha.

Katy Burnham 27:18

Todd Burnham 27:23
Hey, thanks for listening. Make sure you subscribe and until next time, keep getting better.

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