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“Always make every person, place or condition better than you left it. / E hele me ka pu’olo.” -Hawaiian Proverb

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Todd Burnham 0:00
Hi, this is Todd Burnham. I am a licensed practicing attorney. But just because you're listening to me doesn't mean that I represent you. This is for informational purposes only if you're good with that, then let's roll.

Chris Braden 0:20
Season One was about how Todd Burnham started Burnham Law in his basement and built it to one of the most prestigious law firms in Colorado by thinking outside of the box and surrounding himself with the best lawyers and staff in the industry. Now during a pandemic Burnham Law is still growing. How you ask? You walk toward the storm and face it head on and you empower the people that help get you there. It's time to execute. It's time to make some lemonade. It's time to burn the ships. This is Deep Bench with Todd Burnham.

Hey, Todd, how you doing buddy?

Todd Burnham 0:58
Chris Braden. Good to see you, man.

Chris Braden 0:59
I know. It's been a while right?

Todd Burnham 1:01
It's been since what? November?

Chris Braden 1:04
It has been.

Todd Burnham 1:04
Yeah. Yeah. And it's snowing today. Welcome back to Colorado.

Chris Braden 1:09
I know. I was so angry at a tee time this afternoon.

Todd Burnham 1:11
Oh, that's awful.

Chris Braden 1:12
So the funny thing. I don't think we talked about it in the podcast. So you already had all of these plans to go to Hawaii. And then you had to exacerbate them a little bit, kind of tell that story on what you had to do to make it happen.

Todd Burnham 1:26
Well, so we know, we spent for my family and I spent four months in Kauai right. And leading up to that point. You know, I talked about the profit sharing and um, you know, really kind of transitioning to a different role with the firm. And, and it was, you know, the question was, how much is enough? And gets, I'm happy. I don't want to dominate the world in law and build a, you know, a monster and my kids not know me. Right? Yeah. So there was this time where we were going to leave on December 7. And then the mayor of Kauai, imposed strict quarantines that were there was going to start December 1, and I'm like, and so you can go there, but then you have to quarantine for 14 days. Unless you could get there on December 1.

Chris Braden 2:15

Todd Burnham 2:15
And so they changed it. It was December 2, and I had to change the flights at least seven times. I mean, I was up at three in the morning talking to United Airlines. And we ended up getting there with five hours to spare. And so they had national guardsmen at the airport, and my daughter, Clara, they gave him this ticket. And and she said, What's this ticket mean? And he said, that's your ticket to freedom. Because so we arrived at 7pm on the second, going to the third, if we got there, 1201 we would have had a quarantine. So we made it by five hours. Wow, there you go. It was great. I mean, I'm just like, you know, you put all this stress and effort and putting it into taking your entire family with 10 suitcases and a four year old. And, and to get there and even when we were we were flying, you know, we're leaving mainland. And there was a problem with the toilet. Like you couldn't wash something. Right. And, and they're like, we might have to divert, oh, no, I'm like, hold it. You guys don't do this. And, and they didn't.

Chris Braden 2:18
And did they know what was going on? Because you probably weren't the only one trying to get over there.

Todd Burnham 3:04
No, I mean, we were flying to Kona and then Kona to Kauai, and so they're like, Well, you know, we're gonna, we might have to divert, we'll update you and I just, I just my heart sank. And I'm like, all of that for for nothing. And, and it worked out. So I don't know, I don't think anyone really cares, right? They're just worried about safety. And, and I of course was worried about convenience. And the idea of having to quarantine and at that point, you could only have one home for this six month period that you could quarantine in. Okay, so like I couldn't go to a VRBO that just had renters there, right? I had to go to it was just it screwed everything up. But we stayed, we got there a week early and stayed two or three weeks later. So we stayed for four months total and

Chris Braden 3:23
So cool.

Todd Burnham 4:14

Chris Braden 4:15
And it was funny because you and I were talking about this as it was happening. And I was had, I was not surprised at all, because you have a propensity for making things happen. So when I found out you said, you have to be there by December 1 And you go, I'm gonna be there. I'm like, Yeah, of course you are.

Todd Burnham 4:31
Well, my wife's like, well, maybe, you know, this is my wife, which is great. She's like, well, if it's meant to be it's meant to be Yeah. And we're like, yeah, and I'm like, well, it also means that I'm going to do everything in my power to make it so

Chris Braden 4:45
And she knew that.

Todd Burnham 4:46
And she knew that. So it's like, I'm like, Okay, that's a nice gig, man. If it's meant to be it's meant to be good luck, honey, you know, cuz she knows that. I'm not going to be like, Okay, we know Kumbaya, right? We'll just see what happens. I'm like, No, I'm talking to this man. And this manager and then I want to talk to the supervisors manager, and I don't want to be charged again for this third time that you know, it's just brutal. So

Chris Braden 5:08
They should be happy, we're flying, nobody's flying.

Todd Burnham 5:10
Exactly, you know, double masks and the whole deal and, and so it was great. I mean, it, like the whole experience of getting there. You know, being in the Kona airport waiting for that next flight,

Chris Braden 5:22

Todd Burnham 5:22
Just every little moment was was certainly special and, and stressful. And then also like, relaxing at times, just to say, like, well, we've, we've made it this far. Well, like we've done this so far. And just to get there, get a rental car, I mean, doing all those things, not knowing what the heck is going to happen was, it was just a good experience for me, like just on that level.

Chris Braden 5:45
How'd you get all the bags to the house?

Todd Burnham 5:48
How do we get the bag?

Chris Braden 5:49
Did you did you get a big van or something?

Todd Burnham 5:52
Minivan, and we had, you know, luggage on Archer's, you know, lap and it was it was crazy, man, it was just crazy. So, and really just having an idea of what I wanted to achieve there. And then and then being more like Katy and saying, let's just go with the flow. Right. And so, you know, I wanted to surf, I wanted the girls to experience that I wanted to have us as a family do that. And the people that we connected with, they're just they all those things were just, it was exactly how it was supposed to be. Right. And, and it was hard, you know, not being able to, with during COVID You know, just not being able to connect with my mom, you know, is like and she wasn't doing well at the time. And, and so like that piece of it with COVID and being at the seriously probably the safest place in the world. Like they have the most strict, you know, requirements for

Chris Braden 6:44
Hawaii and New Zealand.

Todd Burnham 6:46
Yeah, seriously, like, so we were there for four months, and there was maybe one or two cases on the island.

Chris Braden 6:52
Oh, wow. That's it?

Todd Burnham 6:53
Yeah. It was crazy.

Chris Braden 6:55
So the hectic stuff ended once you got to the airport.

Todd Burnham 6:58

Chris Braden 6:58
Then you guys were able to chill a little bit. And how was the rest of the trip? Like, you know, you get there? Like, what did you learn about Todd Burnham while you were in Hawaii for that long?

Todd Burnham 7:09
Oh, man. I love my family.

Chris Braden 7:12

Todd Burnham 7:12
That's cool.

You know? Yeah, I really being with your family on a regular basis. You know, and people were having this experience too, but being able to do something that's special and, and really having our lives revolve around surfing, and exploring an island and meeting people. The thing that I came away with the most was that I just love being with my kids.

Chris Braden 7:34

Todd Burnham 7:35
And my wife. And and to that extent, like we've kind of changed the way we're doing things next year, like we're gonna end the idea of experiencing different cultures and living in that, you know, this aloha spirit.

Chris Braden 7:50

Todd Burnham 7:50
is real,

Chris Braden 7:51
totally real.

Todd Burnham 7:52
It's real. And to in the balance between having an aloha spirit and still being me, yeah, motivated, driven, focused, there's, there's, I found a way to instill trying to hone away to live both ways, like live both lives at the same time. And, and now I'm going, you know, really in a tough challenge with my mom, who is very ill in New York, if I didn't have this experience, I think that I would be a shell of who I am right now. Because I'm able to relax into these moments a little bit more rather than have stress consume me, because it's, it's a hard experience.

Chris Braden 8:38
Well, you did say something to me before we started recording about that. And the world. God, the Universe works in mysterious ways. Because this was something that kind of prepared you or help set you up for what you're having to deal with now, which is, it's not cool, but it's, it's apropos,

Todd Burnham 8:58
It is, and it's, you know, my mother's in a really tough spot right now. And I am doing my best to be an advocate, and also take care of myself and and still try to be present with my family and being you know, in Look, man be coffee, like we talked about that, you know, the carrot, the egg and the coffee and

Chris Braden 9:18

Todd Burnham 9:19
and trying to be coffee in these times of adversity. Like I lean on the things that we've talked about,

Chris Braden 9:24

Todd Burnham 9:24
I'm living those things and failing and succeeding, you know, so that, you know, living in Hawaii and, and having that experience, doesn't take away regret, doesn't take away what it could have showed us and wishing I did X, Y and Z differently in my life, but it certainly helps me better appreciate the things that I can control the things that I can't control, and the things that I can control or are having a positive mindset while still being focused and driven on achieving goals in my mom's situation is getting out of the ICU. See you in the firm's way as being positive and looking forward in certain ways while people are doing the things that need to be done on a daily basis. So, you know, there's this thing that I learned the most of, of living in Hawaii is the concept of aloha. Right? So it's really theater. You're sharing yourself with people when you say aloha. It's Aloha, right? It's your giving breath to the other person. And it's life.

Chris Braden 10:30

Todd Burnham 10:31
And mahalo is really the encompassing the, I'm pretending I'm giving a hug right now. It's Mahalo. And so when you, when you put people in your sphere, in your circle, you're touching your head and your nose to each other. And, you know, it's like that kind of moment of like Avatar, where I see you, right? And so the, the thing that's so fascinating is that their their culture is so spiritually based, and it's so beautiful that you want that as a part of your life. Right? And so then there's this concept of no coco no, and that is, it's, it's the mutual benefit. So you say, you know, it's instead of saying thank you kind of cuts off the, when you say mahalo to someone and they say, You're welcome. Right? You're welcome says at the end of the relationship of that moment, right? You say, No, coco no, it's like, it's like until we meet again. And then it's, it's kind of like this, this mutual benefit. And that's really it another way of saying it is like, win win. So I look at truths in the world. And I I relate to these truths, and, and the Hawaiian culture in general, to me speaks the truth that I've tried to live up to this point, win wins, or the relationship to the things that we want in life. And that's what I want in my life. And I want people to benefit as I benefit, right? It's not just a one way street. And that's really the thing that you see what, you know, my key was, my car was keyed, like, the first week because I'm driving around in a car that looks like a tourist and most of the tourists just, you know, a pain in the ass is that are really selfish and like trying to, they'll take all the waves, because they're there for a week and they want the waves. So, you know, we had our

Chris Braden 12:12
I've seen movies.

Todd Burnham 12:13
Or point break man, like, you know?

Chris Braden 12:15

Todd Burnham 12:16
So we had, you know, a person that's doing body work with us, Marty Marcos, who's just like, you know, who I created a website for?

Chris Braden 12:23
Oh, really?

Todd Burnham 12:23
Yeah, man, like,

Chris Braden 12:24
I told you you were gonna find a business.

Todd Burnham 12:26
I did it twice. I did it with Marty. And then calmly Alexander I'm just trying to help him with SEO and he has like this beautiful and he was our surf instructor. And he is, and he was like, this is a, you know, a legend. This guy Kamalei Alexander Modern Hawaiian collective. And he has his own and I helped him with his website, because he was our surf instructor. And so Kamalei is the guy and Marty's just all about ohana, and family and I got that and then Kamala, I know all that from Mulan. There you go. Right. And Kamalei is someone that is more about it. My girls got used to the F word, constantly. That's Kamalei right. He's done the X Games. He's like, he's just a legend. He's probably the best surfer in Hawaii.

Chris Braden 13:11
Oh wow.

Todd Burnham 13:12
And so we had him, like, just with us three days a week for four months, right? That kind of, and so you get that feeling like look, you're going to be you're we're not going to be selfish about these waves. We're not going to be this we're going to be looked both ways. He I felt like a fifth grader with him. He's yelling at me. I told you to do this. You're not doing this. I'm sorry. You know, and

Chris Braden 13:33
That probably worked for you.

Todd Burnham 13:34
It did. It did. And and it was good for my girls to get used to the idea that some people swear all the time. You know, it's not just your dad. That's real world.

Chris Braden 13:43
Like, there's another guy.

Todd Burnham 13:44
Exactly. And so like, just helping and just the spirit of these people just was an experience. And it's so was the people and the time with the family. And it just changed who I am at my core to a certain extent in trying to find that balance of being driven but also being present really changed me for the better, I think,

Chris Braden 14:04
And it's pretty cool, too. I mean, when you say the the the aloha spirit and stuff. A lot of people talk about, like kumbaya and stuff that sounds so Pollyanna ish, you know what I mean? Yes. It's, it's, it doesn't bring out good thoughts. But when you talk about the aloha spirit, and you discuss the love and the family, and everything that goes with it, everything in the movie Mulan that, not Mulan, Moana.

Todd Burnham 14:29

Chris Braden 14:30

Todd Burnham 14:30
It's all right. I like Mulan too.

Chris Braden 14:31
But yeah, it's the same thing. You know, it's, it's really cool. So one thing I did want to ask, because I know you're very competitive.

Todd Burnham 14:38

Chris Braden 14:39
And so are your kids.

Todd Burnham 14:40

Chris Braden 14:41
How did the learning surfing go? And did they fall in love with it? Did you fall in love with it? Is it something that you guys want to do more often?

Todd Burnham 14:51
I have goosebumps when we talk about it. Like, it's that sport that I've been looking for my whole life.

Chris Braden 14:56

Todd Burnham 14:56
Yeah. And I saw

Chris Braden 14:58
Oh, that's cool.

Todd Burnham 14:58
Okay, so All three of them, my wife and two daughters are better than me. I have a 49 year old ex athlete body,

Chris Braden 15:06

Todd Burnham 15:07
which means that I'm not flexible. And just today actually, I signed up for a crash course on flexibility. I started like really looking more into yoga which led me to more meditation, right? And so it is being out on the water, and, and just even paddling out and trying to catch waves. And, and doing it in a way that like, I'm just feel so like not coordinated, and not having enough balance and being so stocky. And it's, it's changed my entire approach to like how I want to live. So surfing to me is that thing that is, is so special, because I'm so bad at it. And it's something that I want to be great at. So it gives me that competitive edge just

Chris Braden 15:56
That's perfect for you. Because it's a challenge because you didn't walk in and we're good at it automatically.

Todd Burnham 16:01
When we say I'm not, I wasn't good at it.

Chris Braden 16:04
You can stand up?

Todd Burnham 16:05
I can sit now I can stand up, I can ride the waves, I can go you know, I'm not able to turn back into it and accelerate, right? I went from a 10 foot 11 foot board and like the heaviest thing around. It was the most it had rips and tears. And commonly it's like, yeah, you're gonna use this one. I'm like, okay, like, just humility all across the board. And the girls would

Chris Braden 16:25
It was like riding an old jalopy?

Todd Burnham 16:27
Yeah. And they're like, Okay, the girls can advance to this board. And I'm like, still on this other board, and Katy's just a natural like in general. And so it's like that, being humble about it, and just saying, Okay, girls, watch me, I'm going to get really good at this. Because I'm so focused on I think about it constantly. And so that competitive drive with also and as Kamalei, I would say, it's, it's good to be humble, good to like, remember that, you know, it takes work to be good at something. And it's all more truths that I've learned. And throughout the time that you want to do something, you want to be great at something, you got to do it the 10,000 rep rule, right, like, all these things to the type

Chris Braden 17:04
I tell that to people in golf all the time they go, balls, 100 balls. I'm like, alright, that's a start.

Todd Burnham 17:09
Yeah. No, you have to keep doing it.

Chris Braden 17:12

Todd Burnham 17:12
Right? And so those things like these are just truths that I've learned. And I, I was like, Oh, good. I can do that right now. And so it makes sense to me. And so now it's, you know, we stopped, you know, I'm not lifting weights. I didn't lift weights for four months. Oh, really? Yeah, I'm, I'm just trying to, I'm doing more of cleansing of this tea that we got there. Okay, I haven't eaten yet this morning. And it's, you know, 1120. So, and I feel good about that. And I get more trim and not as bulky and so I'm changing my, my whole makeup.

Chris Braden 17:45
Well, certainly seems like it works with those like stabilizing muscles where you know what I mean? You're, you know, when you lift a lot of weights, you do chest and quads and stuff like that, but when you're balancing, it's everything connected and stretching when you're like 50 that's hard.

Todd Burnham 18:00
It's hard and like, like, I bend over, and it's like, you can hear cracks. Yeah, all the time. Right? And my, my quads and my hamstrings are just so tight.

Chris Braden 18:11
Glory Days coming back to haunt you.

Todd Burnham 18:13
And I showed a picture of myself to Kamalei and he's like, and I was 200 pounds you know, when just the girls were just born? Yeah, that doesn't look like you and it looks like when you're on the board it looks like you're still carrying that weight.

Chris Braden 18:24

Todd Burnham 18:25
He said that.

Chris Braden 18:26

Todd Burnham 18:26
like, okay,

Chris Braden 18:27
He got in your head a little bit.

Todd Burnham 18:28
Oh dude. It's a mind F man. Yeah, Kamalei was just like beating me down like that was

Chris Braden 18:33
See I've gotta gonna meet this guy now.

Todd Burnham 18:34
Oh, man. Look up Kamalei Alexander. He's just special. Like, even go on his Instagram. You'll see the swearing in the smoke and everything. He's he's the truth.

Chris Braden 18:45
He would probably like Colorado for a vacation. I'm sure.

Todd Burnham 18:47
Yeah, he's been here. Yeah. And Kamalei is just, he's just a good dude. And he was just honest. And so now it's like, okay, what do I translate? Do I, you know, you go to these seminars and you learn something and you come back motivated. And then two weeks later, you're still doing the same crap you were doing because through right, and so I'm just following through now I'm in that process of following through and making this a part of my life and it's like all the same things that we've talked about. Like I went out and got doughnuts this morning. I didn't have a doughnut for Archer it's his birthday.

Chris Braden 19:18
Oh, no.

Todd Burnham 19:19
And and I'm like, okay, good. I did okay, I won there.

Chris Braden 19:23

Todd Burnham 19:23
Little baby steps, man. And so if I can get really flexible, we've got two surf trips coming up this summer that we're going to go to Austin, Texas, or Waco and do like their, their wave pool.

Chris Braden 19:34

Todd Burnham 19:35
With the kids.

Chris Braden 19:36
My daughters have done that before.

Todd Burnham 19:37
Dude. It's It's pretty incredible. And then we're going to San Diego to go surfing for a week. So this is my life.

Chris Braden 19:45
That's so cool. Good for you, man.

Todd Burnham 19:47
Yeah, it's a part of who I am. And, and I want to and it's also given me a appreciation for competitive sports but also not so focused on lacrosse, like, I want them to be engaged in something that is that helps them grow as human beings, right? And surfing to me is that the ultimate sport of becoming one with what you're, you know your your surroundings, getting better at something because you love it and not because your dad's out there telling you to do reps. So it's been a hard transition for me in that respect of maintaining my focus on lacrosse, and helping them be, you know, in these competitive sports. And the other thing we did was, we realized that I don't want I I'm happy with them staying at home for school. So, like we made today

Chris Braden 19:54
Do they like that, though?

Todd Burnham 20:05
They do.

Chris Braden 20:08

Todd Burnham 20:09
Yeah, I think they they like

Chris Braden 20:15
I would have gone nuts.

Todd Burnham 20:37
Well, you know, we have a tutor. No me homeschooling like,

Chris Braden 20:40
Yeah, no, no,

Todd Burnham 20:41
That's like, let's get real. But, but the idea of being able to travel with my family and experience different things on surf trips. And I think, you know,

Chris Braden 20:50
Not being tied down to a schedule, stuff like that?

Todd Burnham 20:52
Not being tied down to a schedule, I think that this thing just changed the my philosophy on a lot of things and reinforced a lot of things that I believed in previously. So I'm I'm, and we're talking about things that are not many people are able to do. And I realized that and I want that for the people at this firm. I want that. I want to tell Aaron and Stephanie all the time, I want you to experience what I'm experiencing. And you're working as hard as I worked. And I think you're gonna get there like that, that's really important to me that it's not just about me and my family, I want I want the I want this level of success and experience for you. I want it for people that I care about, I want to for people that I work with. It's just I feel like I'm I'm tapped into something that is transformative. And I've also experienced it on other ways where it's just completely stressful. So I'm turning 50 This year, and I feel like I'm changing a lot. And it's cool.

Chris Braden 21:47
You know, the funny thing is that team sports because you guys have been focused so much on the cross. Yeah, it's great at building character fundamentals that can do spirit, everything we've talked about a million times. Yeah. But what an individual sport like surfing does is a you have to learn all the fundamentals, but it becomes your own. It's like your art form it is kind of the way, you know, I did all the sports and then I gravitated toward golf, and it's big the same way. Like you would go play. And I'll play totally different than then you play and people would be like, you know, you'd be so much better if you didn't do x, because I'm always the guy that if I think I can do it. Yeah, I do it. And it'll bite me in the butt a lot of times. But that's just the way I do it. You know what I mean? And I think it's really cool to watch with your daughters, because that's something I had a hard time with my kids is getting them into something that they weren't very good at.

Todd Burnham 22:40
Well, and lacrosse was the same way. Like, you know, the, you know, my, my nephew, Christopher is starting to play lacrosse and in upstate New York. And so my you know, I'll send my my sister like videos, like, okay, man, look, it sucks at first. Yeah, like anything else. So you just have to grind until you don't suck. And then when you when you don't suck, you actually start liking it because you're getting better. And then you develop confidence. All this is just a ploy to get confidence. And that's all this is. I don't care if you go to college or not with this thing. I want you to experience the level of confidence that comes with succeeding or doing well in something.

Chris Braden 23:18

Todd Burnham 23:18
Right? And so at the same time, like I don't want to, like for myself, like, I don't want to be stiff on a board. I want to work at something that's going to help me and you know what? It's going to make me a better surfer. And I'm going to be I'm going to enjoy it more. And I'm going to be like, keeping up with them. I don't want to be the weak link. My ego won't allow that shit, right. Sure. So like all these things that I'm doing. It's like, it's just a different growth model. But it's at the same time. It's the same way it correlates to everything else in life.

Chris Braden 23:18

Todd Burnham 23:19
And so those become truths to me.

Chris Braden 23:50

Todd Burnham 23:50
Right? And so I'm just I'm, I'm extremely appreciative and grateful. And I'm, I'm just I'm looking forward to seeing what it looks like for my family as we try different things like this.

Chris Braden 24:02
So you're gonna keep the Hawaii hair?

Todd Burnham 24:04
Yeah, man. I haven't cut it in six months. I'm gonna just keep growing it until I until I

Chris Braden 24:11
Yeah, my wife finally got sick of mine. I had to go get haircut.

Todd Burnham 24:14
I mean, look at this, man. This is like, this is huge.

Chris Braden 24:17
I love it in the videos, man. I'm watching a lot of your burn of loss stuff. And you got the you got the curly hair locks flowing there.

Todd Burnham 24:24
Oh, yeah, man. It's cool.

Chris Braden 24:25
One question about the surfing. Yeah. That we always see like, we watch Soul Surfer and all that stuff.

Todd Burnham 24:31
We met we hung out with Bethany Hamilton.

Chris Braden 24:32
Did you really?

Todd Burnham 24:33
The girls like yeah, Bethany is like, we went to tunnels like beach where it happened. That the girls, you know, would walk up to her and introduce them, Kamalei would say yeah, I mean, like, he's like, yeah, that's Bethany over there. Like, you'd walk by this is the thing. You would not know who you are. We're at Hanalei Bay and you would walk these people would go out to these waves that are 20 feet tall, and they just like look like normal people. You have world class surfers walking by you that was they were everyone was just humble,

Chris Braden 24:59

Todd Burnham 24:59
Like you remember the whole thing? Like if you have game you don't talk about it.

Chris Braden 25:02
Yeah, game knows game.

Todd Burnham 25:04
Game knows game. That's that's, that's Kauai. That is that's Hanalei that's commonly, that's Marty that's all these people, that's the humility that I found in that I saw, like, that's what I want my family exposed to, you know. And so like Bethany Hamilton was just be at the beach next to us and you know, and, and then let's follow up a little bit and I look at her message and it's all about empowerment and confidence and all those things.

Chris Braden 25:31
She's inspiring.

Todd Burnham 25:32
Everything about her is right. And so like, we would watch that movie so many times, when we were there, we still watch it, and I just want that. And we all want as parents that constant exposure to positive reinforcement.

Chris Braden 25:45
Amen to that.

Todd Burnham 25:45
You know, and you don't like you have obstacles, so you're going to be carrot coffee, or the you know, like, all that stuff. And, and so, and to live, that is a different deal than talking about. Right, right. And so, I'm, I mean, it's incredible. I'm just I'm, you know, I don't really have much, I can't say enough about the experience, the people the, the lessons, the reinforcing concepts that I came back with and to apply those to business now is, is wonderful and challenging and beautiful. It's really cool.

Chris Braden 26:21
That's the next podcast. So did you go to Princeville?

Todd Burnham 26:24
I lived there.

Chris Braden 26:25
Okay. Because so I spent 10 days in Princeville. And the Hanalei Bay and all that stuff, I would if if I wasn't married, yeah, I would have not have come home. Me and my wife talked about I've met so many people from Colorado there.

Todd Burnham 26:39

Chris Braden 26:39
And they just were loving it. How is like, the last thing on this. How has not just you but the family transitioned all that back here to Boulder, because Boulder's, one of the most beautiful places on earth to live as well. It's just different.

Todd Burnham 26:55
Yeah. You know, and I agree, it is one of the most beautiful places, I flew back on the 27th. And I was immediately and I was really, I was getting my mind right, the month prior, like Mae and I are, we're just like, let's just sell it all. And live in Kauai, right? Like, I would do that now. Like, cuz I can do this anywhere.

Chris Braden 27:17
Yeah, I'd come do podcasts for you in Hawaii.

Todd Burnham 27:21
Absolutely be part of the deal. And I'm like this, this sucks. Like, I don't care where I would have landed. It was it was hard coming back. And then I went to Albany, New York. And and that's where I grew up, you know, basically Syracuse and Albany. It's just a different, you know, this, it's cloudy there. You know, it's if the sun doesn't shine as much and it's colder. And so then going there and and then coming back to Boulder flying back in. I'm like, Okay, I appreciated Boulder more. Right. So it's, it's been a challenge. It's, it's hard. Because I'm a, I'm an ocean person. And

Chris Braden 27:56
Me too, and I haven't spent a ton of time at it.

Todd Burnham 27:58
It's hard. But it's also you know, you you appreciate, you know, my my family's healthy and happy and, and you can't, with Rolling Stones, you can't always get what you want, right what you need. And I'm quite content and grateful for, for being here. And, and I don't know.

Chris Braden 28:17
I love San Diego so much. I've had days where I was having a bad day. And I'd look online and like, I'm going to San Diego round trip for 100 bucks. Yeah. And I would literally I flown there in the morning. driven over to Mission Beach, there's this Mexican food restaurant, I get this giant bean burrito. I go and sit at this table that's facing the ocean. And I can sit there all day,

Todd Burnham 28:39
Little moments, Chris.

Chris Braden 28:40
All day and do literally nothing and just and I've done that a couple times. And it just helps you clear head it there's something about it though.

Todd Burnham 28:48
I had four months of doing that. Like and just appreciating it every every time.

Chris Braden 28:53

Todd Burnham 28:54
And even you know, don't get me wrong. It's not like it wasn't Kumbaya, I got Archer screaming at me play with me play with me. Like, like, Come on, dude, I just played with you for like two hours. Like, Daddy needs a break, you know? And just as the the girls and all of us just became a team.

Chris Braden 29:10
But as you say that dude, you're smiling. Yeah, I mean, you know what I mean? Yeah, like, I'm tired, but it was good.

Todd Burnham 29:17
Yeah. And so we appreciated Netflix a lot at night. It was a Yeah, transformative experience. And I'm grateful for what's next to come.

Chris Braden 29:27
Well, welcome back.

Todd Burnham 29:28

Chris Braden 29:29
All right.

Todd Burnham 29:33
Hey, thanks for listening. Make sure you subscribe, and until next time, keep getting better.

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