Founder, Burnham Law
Podcast Creator: Deep Bench with Todd Burnham
#1 Bestselling Author: Comeback:
Epic Rebound Strategies for Business or Personal Adversity
Keynote Speaker
Adjunct Professor: University of Colorado Law School
Roadmap Creator: Law Firm Playbook
Lacrosse Dad

What’s Five Years Worth?

The Playbook, combined with our group coaching platform, will save you five years of time figuring it out. Five years.
We know where the shortcuts are and we know where the pitfalls are hidden.

How It Works?

Law Firm Playbook
(Coming Soon)

Law Firm Playbook – The Playbook is your law firm's Operating System. It is our baseline for speaking the same language and our roadmap guiding us. The Playbook is the basis for building your law firm quickly and efficiently, with a service-focused ethos, utilizing performance enhancing technologies.

The Roadmap itself is broken down into six stages consisting of 20 Steps, each Step outlining the three main parts it’s comprised of. The Law Firm Playbook follows this Roadmap, both visually linear and multi-dimensional, to utilize the athlete’s mindset to build a reputable, sustainable and scalable eight-figure law firm.

The Law Firm Playbook completion is required prior to any group or individual coaching.

Two Shortcuts:
1. Athlete’s Mindset; and
2. The best always want to play with the best.


Cutting edge marketing begins and ends with your unique message. We listen. We think. We observe. We co-create your authentic messaging.

To know your strengths, especially in marketing, it is imperative that you know your weaknesses. The Law Firm Playbook provides the basics which now allows us to think deeper about your brand and its true messaging.


Private and group coaching available in limited circumstances.


Certified coaching program limited to three individuals per quarter.


Onboarding proven systems and processes in HR, sales, marketing, practice management software and training. It's an a la carte menu of systems, processes and short cuts that you need for optimization.


Urgent evaluation and action services available on a case by case basis:
* low billables
* low transfers
* low morale
* when what you're doing isn't working and you need real help


Todd Burnham is a renowned Trial Attorney, Business Strategist, Leadership Trainer, Expert Speaker, Law Firm Consultant, and Motivational Author who is consumed with helping you fully leverage your life. This is his coaching platform.

In 2009 he started Burnham Law in the basement of his pre-foreclosed home in Erie, Colorado. Today it is a multi-state, multi-practice, cutting edge law firm that has been tested over and over again. That is the cost of growth. You must be tested. Adapting and learning creates space for true law firm growth.

As a New York-trained trial attorney, Todd’s service-focused approach and strategic vision have translated into real, sustained, growth. The firm’s reputation attracts Colorado’s most talented and experienced litigators.

Todd grew up in the South Side of Syracuse, relocating to Fayetteville, New York where he picked up lacrosse. A member of two National Champion Hobart College lacrosse teams and two-time NCAA All-American lacrosse player, he received his undergraduate degree in Psychology from Hobart College and a J.D. from Albany Law School. He is admitted to practice law in both Colorado and New York state courts, in addition to the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado and the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of New York.


Early in his career, Todd’s mission became the study of adversity, understanding how adversity serves as a launching pad toward success. He has used this philosophy in multiple aspects of his life and now shares what he has learned. A coach at heart, the lessons translate to the growth of your law firm.


Todd Burnham’s book COMEBACK: Epic Rebound Strategies for Personal or Business Adversity revolutionizes the way we view life’s obstacles. Packed with firsthand experiences and inspiring true stories from award-winning artists, scientists, athletes, and business leaders from across the globe, Burnham’s groundbreaking findings and aggressive insight have helped countless individuals break through adversity and become more powerful than before. Todd’s live seminars and Deep Bench podcast empower hundreds of thousands internationally with the tactics and knowledge needed to generate lasting success in business and life.

Todd is a regular keynote speaker and lacrosse coach for his daughters’ and son’s Boulder, Colorado lacrosse teams.


The first of its kind, the Law Firm Playbook is your law firm’s OS. Both the culture and the vision for your life and your law firm originate with the Law Firm Playbook. The concepts, strategies and shortcuts are the platform for all individual and group coaching models.