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When I started Burnham Law in the basement during a recession I didn’t have a road map.

Nobody shared any pro tips for how to make it work, let alone how to make it exceptional.

They sold me on leads, SEO and how to be afraid. Nobody outlined a path to build an elite, sophisticated and highly-reputable law firm. Until now.

  • Leverage Obstacles.
  • Expedite Growth.
  • Empower Your Team.
  • Impact Your Community.
  • Keep Getting Better.

Comeback by Todd Burnham

Leading Playbook
on Rebounding from Adversity

Amazon Best Seller

COMEBACK revolutionizes the way we approach life’s setbacks. Whether you’re facing business failure, relationship breakdown, death of a loved one, life-changing illness, or wanting to prepare for the next inevitable obstacle life tosses at you, Burnham’s breakthrough book defines how adversity can drive influence, power, and fulfillment.

Legendary business strategist, litigator, and six-figure entrepreneur Todd Burnham has dissected the traits of thousands of individuals who continually surface from trauma triumphant: habits they share, how they do it, and why it works.

COMEBACK rips down the stigma surrounding trauma, culminating in Six Steps: six clear-cut, no-BS strategies to incorporate into your daily routine that transform adversity to greater heights in business, relationships, and life.

You Will Learn to
  • Turn distractions and denial into clear and powerful recognition of the situation.
  • Embrace desperation as the driving force behind the human urge to fight for ourselves, our families, and our society.
  • Avoid “positive thinking” approaches that waste valuable time and energy with zero measurable payoff, instead applying tools that support and enhance mental state, keep the inner critic at bay, and create a mental paradigm shift.
  • Boost strength, optimism, motivation, mental clarity, creativity, memory, decision-making, and cognitive ability through movement.
  • Eliminate being overwhelmed through small, achievable wins that snowball into fast change.
  • Immerse your surroundings in the rebuilding process in fun, enjoyable, and relaxing ways.

Highlighting inspirational stories and compelling accounts from award-winning scientists, artists, business leaders, and athletes worldwide, COMEBACK will empower you to get your mind right, scale mountains, and fly.

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“Comeback champions anyone who has ever found themselves at their version of rock bottom. It gives advice on getting your mind right, acting, celebrating progress and never looking back.”

Phil McCarthy
North Star Leadership & Team Performance
Professor, Entrepreneurship, University of Denver

“An absolute must-read for the American businessman and businesswoman. This is a compassionate story of business savvy, grit, comebacks and overcoming obstacles all the while Comeback remains a brilliant homage to Mr. Burnham’s family and the great women who molded him. I highly recommend this for anyone with the guts who wants to go out on their own and live the American dream of starting a business.”

Michael Melito
Civil & Criminal Racketeering Attorney

Meet Todd Burnham

Mindset coach and founding partner of Colorado’s Burnham Law, Todd Burnham is an entrepreneur, author, professor, keynote speaker, mentor, former All-American lacrosse player, and host of Deep Bench with Todd Burnham.

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